Admissions Process

Our Admissions Process

Seniority System

Asbury Community Christian Preschool & Clubhouse conducts Registration based on seniority.

Determining Your Seniority Number

Registration is based on seniority. This means that for each school year you have had children attending Asbury Community Christian Preschool or Clubhouse, you have earned one point. A family may not receive more than one point per year. For example:

Susy Miller3 year old program 2016-20171 Seniority Point
Josh Miller4 year old program 2016-2017
Susy Miller4 year old program 2017-20181 Seniority Point
Total2 Seniority Points for the Miller family

Complete the Seniority Form and attach it to your enrollment application. If a seniority form is not included, your registration form will be processed with the new student applications.

Please use the space on front of the envelope provided by Asbury to record your seniority number and to let us know if you are a member of the Asbury United Methodist Church. The envelope may be brought to the school office from 9:00-3:00 Monday (except MLK day) through Friday of the specified week and placed in the container designated for the enrollment applications.

If you would rather mail your registration, you must place it inside another envelope which may be addressed to the school. We will open it and place the inner envelope in the container.

At the end of the week the envelopes in the container will be “stirred” and sorted according to seniority.

Registration Priority

1st WeekPriority registration for members of Asbury United Methodist Church
2nd WeekPriority registration for returning students & siblings of current & former students based on seniority
3rd & On-goingRegistration open to new students