Asbury Community Christian Preschool and Clubhouse is closed Friday January 19th, 2024.

Preschool & Clubhouse Closings

Inclement Weather

The Preschool and Clubhouse will typically follow Anne Arundel County Public School Closings on the first day of a weather event. We will post our decisions on our website, our Facebook page and Wbal.

Early Dismissal Due to Weather

We will notify you as soon as possible if there is a reason for us to dismiss early due to inclement weather.   

Holidays, Teacher Workdays, Election Day, Conference Days

The Preschool and Clubhouse will typically follow Anne Arundel County Public School calendar and will be closed for holidays, teacher workdays, election days, and teacher conference days.

Sign up for AACPS Alerts

Sign up on to receive an e-mail notification when school closings or delays are issued for Anne Arundel County.


Delays (preschool students and ext. care)

We will post our delayed opening times on our website, Facebook page and via email. 

When public schools open late, the Preschool will make an independent decision based on the safety and needs of our staff, families and children. We will notify you by email, our website and our Facebook page. If the preschool opens late, classes will take place and there will be afternoon extended care for preschool children. 



Delays (Arnold Elem. Students)

The Clubhouse will follow Anne Arundel County Public School Closings due to inclement weather. When public schools opens late, there is no morning Clubhouse.

 When public schools close early for the afternoon, parents should pick their children up from Arnold elementary. There will be no afterschool Clubhouse.

When Anne Arundel County Schools are closed, Clubhouse is also closed. 

Sign-up Days

If it is a “Sign-up Day” (typically in June), and the Preschool is not in session, the Clubhouse will follow Anne Arundel County Public School system:

  • Code Red = stay in bed, we are closed
  • Code Blue = take two, we open at 9:00 am

*If there are consecutive days of delayed openings, Asbury will announce their status on WBAL and post status here on the website as well as on our Facebook page.